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Why Geo-Targeting Is Marketer’s Best Friend? | Platform News

Picture the Internet marketing landscape 10 years ago: It was a chaotic mixture of ads, all of which desperately trying to be the loudest voice in the room.

Years passed until brands found another attractive alternative – customizing the messaging based on the potential customer’s location.

Nowadays, Geo-Targeting is a Marketer’s best friend.

Why is that?

Geo-targeting allows B2B marketers to target consumers wherever they are. Every demographic region maps out an area with specific audience, and consumer behavior.

Let’s look at this practical example:

If you are a recruitment agency that serves the North Netherlands, you shouldn’t send campaigns or contact people living in South Netherlands.

At Sales.Rocks, we ensure that our data users are properly targeting their desired audience.

This is why in the latest platform update, despite the filter for Location, we added the filtering by Region. This will allow the Client to choose whether to include a specific region in their search.

While developing the filter, we used the current NUTS classification (Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics) that lists:

  • NUTS 1: 104 major socio-economic regions regions
  • NUTS 2: 281 basic regions for the application of regional policies
  • NUTS 3: 1348 small regions for specific diagnoses

By using the Sales.Rocks filters for B2B Geo-Targeting (by Country, Region, City, Post Code), users can target their desired audience in any region, all towards building strong relations which will eventually convert leads into customers.

Furthermore, marketing practices show that filtering by region is the most basic way to ensure that you are not wasting time and money on consumers who can’t convert.

This is how to Geo-target by using Sales.Rocks platform

Step 1: Choose your targeted country

b2b geo targeting

Step 2: After choosing the desired country, click the add filter button

b2b geo targeting

Step 3: Choose the region where you want to invest your marketing/sales efforts

b2b geo targeting

Step 4: Select the region code and name and click Save codes

b2b geo targeting

Step 5: Include as many codes as you want, add additional filters and start searching

geo targeting b2b

To make an even better use of the Sales.Rocks platform, we made some changes in the menu under My Searches.

In the Saved Searches table, we added an additional field for the user who saved the search.

Also, we added a filter to help Clients search through their saved searches. Now, they can add any value from the table to get the desired results. 

In other words, platform users can search by the number of a saved search, by user’s email, by keywords or by date created.

Moreover, an additional option was added for removing favourite searches from the top. With only one click on the X button in the right upper corner, the user can easily remove a favourite search.

Data can sometimes be accidentally erased, so we made sure that this search stays in the table together with all of the Saved Searches, so that the Client can have an overview.

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