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5 Great Benefits of Using Chatbots in Your Business

“Hello there! Just type ‘Hi’ and Rocky will be right there to assist you!”

This is how our ultra-modern chatbot Rocky greets you every time you open the Sales.Rocks page. Namely, it is a program, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which simulates a real interaction with users via a chat interface.

Our Rocky is a tiny little chatbot that knows everything about the Sales.Rocks platform. It was created with Zoho’s Dialog Flow program, capable of responding up to 1600 questions (isn’t that brilliant?).

Our chatbot offers the Single Selection Option too. So for example, when somebody visits our website, Rocky would pop up and present a few common questions for them to choose from. This is a perfect option for people who are visiting Sales.Rocks website for the first time.

He uses Machine Learning to gather conversational cadences, which enables it to memorize human conversations and interact with written or spoken requests to deliver responses. In other words, he can have a conversation with you just like a real person would.

But let’s dive deep into Rocky’s story.

Rocky was created on 21st February by our Customer Success Manager Ana. (You can read here about her journey while creating a chatbot).

But Rocky is not just a robot, he’s a great friend.

“I think, therefore I am” – our Rocky shares René Descartes’ motto. He believes in making big changes for a better world and happier humans. 

Rocky is not only a robot, but has a human touch too. He is flattered to get personal questions, which gives a real nice human touch with a pleasant note to it. 

Here are some of the common responses you can find on Rocky’s repertoire:

Chatbot Benefits
Common responses you can find on Rocky's repertoire that illustrate the chatbot benefits.

We are lucky to have Rocky. His simulation of human language and behavior provides several benefits this chatbot brings for our business.

Our Mr.Know-it-All Rocky helped us to:

Save Time

Rocky is customized to provide fast and automated answers to website visitors. It prevents them from waiting for hours to get a response as it has been the case in the past. This allows us to simultaneously serve different people while increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

Save money

One of our chatbot benefits is that using Rocky is cheaper than hiring new employees. Once created, it can be used on in the long run: we don’t have to pay for a vacation, leave or medical treatments. We leave the automatic tasks to Rocky, so the team can focus on other important areas like revenue for example.

Achieve Better Customer Satisfaction

Chatbots don’t work 8 hours a day and don’t need sleep. This means they are always available for serving their purpose – helping the customer/visitor. Those who visit our website in the evenings can ask questions and receive answers right away, no need to wait until the morning.

Frustrated customers that don’t get quick answers, may leave the website and never return. Chatbots like Rocky help eliminate this unwanted scenario and help us keep potential clients.

Do Fewer Errors

Humans make mistakes. And that is okay. They forget things, confuse numbers and can’t multitask all of the time. On the other hand, chatbots are almost perfect. Based on the questions asked, Rocky will always give the best possible answers. This makes it a huge asset when used for Sales.Rocks.

Bring More Positive Vibe

Chatbots like Rocky are programmed to add good humor. At Sales.Rocks, we don’t have to worry about Rocky being in a bad mood. He will never turn customers away with an angry response or a rude attitude.

Final Thoughts

Having this all in mind, Chatbots can be a great asset for employees, and a good artificial addition to the team. They can be a fine replacement for completing basic and repetitive tasks with great speed and without cost.

Of course, there are many concerns that chatbots benefits will take over some human jobs, increasing the unemployment rate as a result.

But at Sales.Rocks, we believe in a more optimistic scenario: automation of boring, routine tasks can lead to cost-effective prices, higher profits, and new jobs on the labor market.

How great is that? 🙂

I am a Content Writer and Marketing Development Representative at Sales.Rocks, a game-changing platform in the SaaS industry. My mission is to educate and help readers in their marketing and sales efforts. I believe that a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.