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Platform News: More Credits for Better Prospecting!

As the demand for using our FREEMIUM option increases, we decided to award our users by making changes to the Freemium credit system.

From now on, instead of 20 credits on Freemium, clients will get 50 Free credits for Company Search and 20 Free credits for Contact search. These credits are renewable every month and are visible at the top of the platform.

As the Company Search Module is functioning flawlessly, in parallel, we are putting out maximum efforts to complete the development of the Contact Search Module.

In the Contact search, the client will be able to search contacts by desired (specific) job title, in addition, a specific department and hierarchy level can also be chosen if needed to include more different job titles, but still, have good targeting.

This module will offer a preview of 30 contacts. Additionally, the platform user will be able to create personalized lists that can later be downloaded or pushed directly to their CRM.

Contact Search Preview
This is how the Contact Search Preview looks like.

Moreover, to simplify the prospecting process, we renamed some of our filters. For example, Technologies were renamed to Web Technologies used and the Founded date was renamed to Founding Year.

Our customers are our top priority!

Rather than focusing on closing deals, we think in terms of building relationships with clients and continuously rewarding them for choosing our sales intelligence platform.

This is why we decided to start a Referral program to recompense existing customers and stimulate them to share word-of-mouth and bring new customers to try out your brand.

More details about the referral program are coming soon!

To wrap up

The number one reason a sales rep fails is an empty pipeline. 

Studies show that the root cause of an empty pipeline is the failure to prospect efficiently. Having the right set of tools will get you far.

Check out how Sales.Rocks prospecting tools can help you fill your pipeline and identify the right prospects to engage.

To sum up, we will paraphrase a quote from the American entrepreneur, Jim Rohn

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you had better prospecting tools.”

Stay tuned!

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