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Sales.Rocks Launches A New Module for Company Search

Back in 2009 when we started as a start-up, we aspired to create another kind of marketing – one that didn’t rely on wasting valuable resources to find your targeted audience. 

At the core of Sales.Rocks isn’t a supreme software, but rather a comprehensive combination of a high-valuable product and a human philosophy.

We believe that the only way for B2B companies to maximize their growth in this highly-competitive market is to take a more practical approach for filling their sales pipelines with relevant and high-quality leads using company data search tools.

From that point, we have extended that philosophy of growth not only to improve our client’s sales databases but to optimize the whole customer service experience.

Some have said that we are just following the newest SaaS (software-as-a-service) marketing trends. Others credit us as an innovative solution for company data search. Many of them see us as the only way to keep up with high-demanding consumers nowadays and achieve business growth.

Still, we define Sales.Rocks as a development-stage company, looking to expand while adding value by discovering and implementing win-win opportunities for collaboration with our platform users.

Today, with the launch of the Company Data Module – Bulk, we are taking this commitment one step further.

This company data search tool can be beneficial for B2B companies that tend to excel in their Sales, Marketing or Recruitment efforts.

To help companies prospect more precisely, we improved our centralized database with more than 33 millions of company records from 11 countries (including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, France etc.) while providing more than 2 billion available data records in 50 different fields.

All of the company and contact information are now available to the end-client via this self-servicing platform. Users only need to choose from the variety of filters like Location, Industry, Company Size, and Status, etc. to narrow their desired audience.

Next, customers get all the filtered info in an output file ready for download and import in their CRM.

As a data source, we use publicly available data from government sources, company websites and search engine results, making sure it is updated, verified and enriched monthly.

Additionally, we facilitate our clients to shift to data-driven business processes providing a pricing model that others can’t.

This is why we are thrilled to announce the release of Sales.Rocks Bulk Module, a new tool that aligns with our mission to help European B2B companies achieve their main objective: profitable growth by prospecting more efficiently.

I am a Content Writer and Marketing Development Representative at Sales.Rocks, a game-changing platform in the SaaS industry. My mission is to educate and help readers in their marketing and sales efforts. I believe that a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.