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How to Create Highly Targeted Survey with Sales.Rocks Platform

From all the different methods of data gathering for research purposes, many researchers prefer the survey method due to its numerous advantages. Although, conducting survey research may seem like a simple task, when it’s not carried out on a properly targeted audience, it only wastes time and money. Like any other research approach and method, it is easier to conduct a poor quality survey than a high quality one with a real value.

The survey conducted before researching your target respondents can affect your survey’s success. For example, if you’re trying to sell a product to the wrong audience by asking invalid questions, you won’t get the results you need. Collected data is useful only if the information is accurate and valid. Thus, the first step is to tailor a specific audience in order to get the answers that you need.

How to create a sample frame with Sales.Rocks platform

Sales.Rocks is a data enrichment tool you may consider. This platform assists researchers to conduct quality survey research and produce high-standard survey work with credible results. Bulk Data filters can apply to gather info for each survey method no matter if it is postal questionnaires, face-to-face interviews or telephone interviews. This is how it is done:

Online questionnaires

This method involves sending online questionnaires to a large sample of people covering a wide geographical area. The response rate for this type of method is usually low, up to 20%, depending on the content and length of the questions. As a result, a large sample of contact enrichment is required when using online questionnaires for two reasons:

  • To ensure that the demographic profile of survey respondents reflects the survey populations
  • To provide a sufficiently large data set for future analysis

To create an online survey frame, try the Location filter to find out where you should invest your survey efforts. Then, choose the Industry filter to properly target your research audience by specific industries. Keywords filter can be used to make your survey even more precise. This will help you search companies by specific keyword in their name or other data.

Depending on the research topic, you can check the Company size filter to find out the number of employees a company has, and do your questions accordingly. This data enrichment tool enables you to check company status and operating status filters, to find out the company’s date of establishment, and learn if it is still active on the market.

Face-to-face interviews

Face-to-face interviews require a personal approach with a series of questions.  The response rate is often higher than with other methods, but it’s a more costly and time-consuming method too.

After setting geographical and industry parameters, try the Contact options button from the Bulk Data module to find the appropriate sample of respondents. This can help you enrich contacts by tracking down available phone numbers, email addresses, website URLs, first and last names of the respondents.

Telephone interviews

Telephone surveys, like face-to-face interviews, allow a two-way interaction between the researcher and the respondent. While interviews via telephone give a higher response rate than other surveys, they result in a higher level of refusals. To reduce the risk of getting refused, carefully choose your sample of people.

Choose the Location, Industry and Keywords filters to precisely target your survey audience. Then, try exploring the Contact option to find the respondent’s name and phone number.

Once you have filtered your survey audience with the Bulk Data filters, and the data is in your CRM, you are ready to go!


Survey research is a unique way of gathering valuable information from a large population. Although this method has great statistical power, sometimes there is a discrepancy in respondents’ sample accuracy that may ruin all the research efforts. Proper survey frame is vital to conducting proper analysis with relevant results.

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