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[Platform News] Finding The Right Decision-Maker: How Much Does Hierarchy Matter?

Today’s salespeople and marketers need to know more about their prospects before reaching out to them. And, chances are, they will encounter many gatekeepers in the way.

You may have the best sales pitch, but if you present it to a person with zero buying power, you are just wasting both your time and energy.

Business practice shows that you need to talk to not less than 2 gatekeepers and spend at least one hour on the phone before you can reach the person who makes the final decision.

But, is there a faster and more efficient way to skip the gatekeepers and reach out to the decision-maker directly?


Let us introduce you to our Sales + Module. It is the extended version of the Company Search Tool – Bulk.

For those of you who already use the Bulk Module, you are familiar with the filtering of the companies: Location, Region, Country, City, Company name, Industry (SIC, NACE, NAICIS codes), Company address, Company Registry number, General Email Adress, Phone Number, etc.

In addition to the Company Search Module, in the Sales + Module, we are extending the Contact Search Option with adding Hierarchy and Departments as sub-filters to help you find the right decision-maker, available in full contact overview.

When filtering the targeted audience, the platform users can now choose the desired job title, department and hierarchy level.

Depending on the audience you want to reach for your campaign, you can use the Department sub-filter and choose if you want to invest your marketing or sales efforts in sectors like Sales, Finance, Information, Operation and many more.

Searching your decision-maker by hierarchy and department sub-filters

The next step is to find your decision-maker using the Hierarchy sub-filters. Choose if you want to reach to the Executive, Director, Manager of the company, etc.

After we provide you with a full contact list according to your chosen parameters, you will be able to see a preview of the generated contacts.

find decision-makers by hierarchy
Preview of the generated contacts after searching by hierarchy and department

The necessary contact info about your target persona is only click away. Select the contacts from the preview to add to your lead list and use the option to export them directly in an Excel file.

Easy as that 🙂

The Sales + Module will be available soon to the end-clients. 

Stay tuned!

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