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[INTERVIEW] How to Create a Successful Platform – A Web Developer Story

Behind every successful platform, there is a dedicated developer. These are the people that help us benefit from a strategic technology platform maintaining their quality and ensuring the responsiveness of applications. Still, sometimes we take their hard-work and dedication for granted, and we keep on forgetting that nothing will be functional without them.

Meet Darko, Sales.Rocks’ web developer. He always had a fascination for the web and wanted to learn how to code. This technology platform was an opportunity for him to take the leap and learn the skills he would need to create a sales enablement tool, and create a successful strategy.

In this article, he elaborates on his role in creating Sales.Rocks’ platform and all the challenges he had to overcome to make this software function. Moreover, he shares some useful tips about what it takes to be an excellent front-end developer in today’s SaaS world.

Darko, you have been a part of developing Sales.Rocks’ platform from the beginning. Can you explain your role in creating Sales.Rocks’ platform?

As a full-stack web developer, I’m involved in all the different phases of the Sales.Rocks’ project, including the presentation, application/business logic, and storage. More specifically, I work on the subscription model, the credit system, I also take part in creating the database architecture for the technology platform, and creating a successful strategy.

Can you elaborate on the process of creating the Sales.Rocks’ platform?

For the developing of the Sales.Rocks’ platform we are using the Scrum model of agile software development, which means the project progresses via a series of sprints, normally, each lasting two weeks. Each of the sprints consists of a planning meeting, retrospective meeting and review meeting. The initial sprint planning, and project in general, is done by the Product Owner and the Scrum Master. The development team is also included in the sprint planning with their own suggestions and estimations for the upcoming tasks. This makes for a good collaboration.

How important is for a web developer to have a close collaboration with the Graphic designer and the Product Owner?

The communication between the team that is working on the project and the Product Owner is essential for realizing the customer’s idea. Having all sides on the same page is crucial for the team to operate smoothly, like a well-oiled machine, and result in a successful project that should not only look good, but more importantly to work as planned.

The development of a software is meaningless without a good plan. So, I would say that the first stage – the planning stage is the hardest and the most challenging stage in the development of every product.

What’s the biggest challenge in developing Sales.Rocks’ platform?

The biggest challenge while working on the Sales.Rocks’ platform is the fact that for most of us this is the first time we’re working in Scrum methodology, and getting a grasp on the technologies and concepts that are going to be used in the development of the platform (Microservice architecture, Amazon Web Services, Big Data, etc. ).

Where do you see this platform in a year from now?

In a year from now, I see all three products fully developed with tens of active subscriptions for each of them.

What is the hardest stage in software development?

The development of a software is meaningless without a good plan. So, I would say that the first stage – the planning stage is the hardest and the most challenging stage in the development of every product.

In your opinion, what does it take to be an excellent web developer?

An excellent web developer has a strong aesthetic sense, and the ability to think as a user, in that he/she needs to be able to design a working and visually pleasing product that fits the needs of the final user. Furthermore, he/she needs to have a good understanding of the technologies used in the back-end, in addition to being well-versed in front-end technologies that are being used, since those are inseparable. Finally, being a good communicator is the key. A good web developer needs to be able to explain their work to people who don’t always have the same skills or technical background.

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