What It Takes to Deliver a High-Quality Product?

If you are a detail-oriented person that has a knack for understanding software user behaviors, taking on a software quality assurance (QA) engineer role may be just the tech career path for you to pursue.

In Sales.Rocks, we are lucky to have one of the most comprehensive software QA engineers – Dejan. He has been a part of our team for almost 6 months making sure that Sales.Rocks sales and marketing enablement platform works flawlessly.

Taking on the role of a software QA engineer for Sales.Rocks, Dejan is responsible for:

  • Product testing and identifying deficiencies
  • Investigating product quality in order to make improvements to achieve better customer satisfaction
  • Planning, creating and managing the overall Quality Planning strategy
  • Collaborating with the Product Development team to ensure consistent project execution
  • Suggesting solutions to identify any product problems

In this article, Dejan shares his challenge and the necessary skills for delivering a high-quality product.

Dejan, having the role of a software QA engineer, can you elaborate on your beginnings at Sales.Rocks? What was your first impression when you came in contact with this sales and marketing enablement platform?

When I was first introduced with the Sales.Rocks platform, for a moment I was so confused because I wasn’t sure what it was. It took me a while to realize that this platform was an exceptional combination of tools, processes, content and information needed by sales and marketing teams to interact with customers, increase sales and thus, lead to business growth.

As an only QA Engineer working on the Sales.Rocks platform, the beginning was very difficult for me. It took me some time to learn how the platform works, what it can offer, what are its weaknesses, how to create and implement a workflow, etc. Meanwhile, I was planning and creating test cases, and performing many tests in order to make sure that a quality product will be delivered.

Sales.Rocks is still a brand new platform, but it is making stunning progress. How is the role of a software QA engineer contributing to this?

Well, since Sales.Rocks is a web-based platform used from various clients, as a QA engineer, part of my role is to create different test cases and techniques based on the use of the module under а test. Next step is to start executing the test and analyze the end results.

In every test case, there are Expected and Actual results. In case one of the tests does not meet the Expected result, the bug report will be filed into the Product Backlog (list of activities that a team should deliver in order to achieve a specific outcome).

Long story short, I have to perform many different tests and ensure that all modules on the platform are developed, and are performing as expected.

What is the main challenge you face as a QA engineer?

The main challenge I faced as a QA Engineer was learning all the functional details about the platform. But that was just a small cut of the challenge. Another challenge was that I was missing the Product Documentation. So, while testing, I had to continuously ask the development team if the Actual result was actually the Expected result.

What are the necessary skills that a software QA engineer role needs to have in order to be successful in product testing?

Quality Assurance Engineers have one of the most important jobs in the entire development process, and this requires various skills. It all starts with understanding how software under test works. Analytical skills are also required because testing is more than just finding bugs. Last, but not least, the most important thing for me would be the communication.

Many people think that testing is just clicking on the mouse, but they are wrong. In reality, the role of a software QA requires a lot of planning, creating tests, and continuous communication with the development team and the product owner in order to learn as much as possible for conducting the product testing.

Why is the quality of data important nowadays?

In this data-driven world, how would you understand or stay in touch with a customer without data quality? Nowadays, finding key information about current and potential customers is easier than ever, but data is only useful if it’s high-quality. This encompasses data completeness, uniqueness, timeliness, validity, accuracy, and consistency.

What does Customer intelligence (CI) mean to you?

I understand Customer intelligence as the process of aggregating larger amount of data that is later used as an input for specific technologies, using advanced methods for analysis.

Finally, where do you see this product in the future?

With the fast growing pace that we currently have, I can see all three modules (Bulk, Batch, Sales+) fully developed, functional and delivering actual and accurate data. In the end, I see Sales.Rocks as leader in the SaaS industry.  

I am a Content Writer and Marketing Development Representative at Sales.Rocks, a game-changing platform in the SaaS industry. My mission is to educate and help readers in their marketing and sales efforts. I believe that a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.