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[INTERVIEW] One on One with the Zoholics

There are some events that can widen your perspective. One of them is Zoholics where the Zoho user has the opportunity to gain valuable experience from hands-on training, keynote presentations and one-on-one sessions with the Zoho experts. Ana Ilievska, Sales.Rocks’ Customer Success Manager was a part of this year’s Zoho journey held in Utrecht, Netherlands. In this article, Ana shares her story on how this event was helpful for her everyday work:

Zoholics Netherlands was insightful! As much as I am excited to share with you all the details about this event ASAP, I would first like to give a little introduction of what Zoho is. For those of you that are not familiar with Zoho, it is a web-based online office suite containing word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, invoicing, and many, many other applications developed by ZOHO Corporation, that make companies’ work life much easier.

Now back to the event. In February, Zoho announced that a Zoholics event will be held on 2 May in Utrecht, Netherlands. Because this is AMAZING, plus we consider ourselves as part of the biggest Zoholics ever, we were more than thrilled to attend this event and learn even more about Zoho than what we already know.

Packed with our laptops and all the Zoho questions we could possibly think of, me and my colleague Jana arrived at the Jaarbeurs center in Utrecht. As a CSM that works on customer support and sales on a daily basis, I am connected to Zoho agents almost everyday, contacting them about each and every Zoho related update or issue that needs to be solved, for better customer interactions.

Even though these connections are extremely important for a better workflow, this was my first trip to the Netherlands and my first attendance to an event of this kind, so I didn’t know what to expect of it. Having my fingers crossed to leave Utrecht as a Zoho Expert, I entered the ocean of Zoholics‘ presentations.

Zoholics presentation
Zoho Marketing expert Suvish Viswanathan - presenting at Zoholics Netherlands 2019

The agenda was overwhelming, offering a variety of presentations in the fields of: sales, marketing, automation, collaboration and customer centricity, leaving me eager to attend all of the above. But, in the interest of time, I only attended several presentations which I considered to be a priority for our company, covering: CRM implementation and customisation, updates in CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Flow, SalesIQ Chatbot and Zoho Creator. All of which were well-organised, with perfectly prepared speakers that were ready to fire away with answers to any question thrown from the audience.

This was an awesome experience where I learned new things and met new people, which is the perfect combination of a successful event.

On the one hand, I can say that I was familiar with most of the information that was presented at the event, since our company uses Zoho One, which is a full package of all the applications Zoho has to offer, and I’ve been using most of them for a while.

On the other hand, I was impressed with all the new features they currently work on and plan to add to these apps. The best presentation for me was the one about CRM Updates, where they presented all the updates, such as Zia which will make our work much easier, by making reports and predictions based on recency, frequency and money value for customer deals.

The thing I liked the most was the dedication shown by Zoho agents to their customers. When the presentations were over, me and Jana asked for their assistance with an issue regarding our Chatbot and the MarketingHub app, which they resolved within minutes. Furthermore, there were so many people from other companies and countries that also use Zoho, which gave us the opportunity to connect with them on the same topic plus to get to know each other’s companies and the roles we play in them.

I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by the radio reporter Folkert Tempelman for the New Business Radio where I spoke about the whole Zoholics experience. Insights from the interview are available on their official LinkedIn page.

All in all, it was an awesome experience where I learned new things and met new people, which is the perfect combination of a successful event. I really look forward to future Zoho events, which I believe will be bigger and better than ever.

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