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Sneak Peek Inside Sales.Rocks’ New Offices

We are expanding and constantly adding new colleagues to the team, so we had to add an additional office and move our fast-growing company to a bigger place. This time we decided to go for a more modern space, spread across nearly 300 meters squared located in the heard of Skopje city, putting us right on the main street, overlooking downtown.

All team departments are thrilled to have a new place to call work space. The new offices will bring fresh air in company’s lungs, preparing us for the prosperous times ahead. Throughout the year we will be adding another 45 new colleagues to the Sales.Rocks team, and gradually fill in the vacant chairs. Our founder, Carsten Broich, put a lot of thought into the design and amenities of the modern work office, drawing on the guidance of a design consultant. We’ve only been given the feel of our new space, but the Sales.Rocks team is already feeling at home, so we would like to take you on a virtual tour here.

We really wanted our office space to reflect the Sales.Rocks brand and company culture, so we focused on creating a cozy environment for all team members, building spaces that inspire creativity and collaboration via the elegant design and modern touch.

Having an open-plan modern work office keeps the people interacting and the ideas buzzing. The spacious area is ideal for spontaneous meetings, lunchtime seating, afternoon coffee, or fruitful thinking. The new customized office aligns with our vision and reflects our values: embrace good conversations, spark new ideas and build long-lasting connections.

From the industrial style decor tainted with free spirit, to the old-school red chairs in our lunch area, we aimed to create a place where the team wanted to be, whether they were working hard or just hanging out.

Our conference rooms are the hubs of collaboration and creativity, featuring raw elements like wood, steel, and concrete. The big glass walls give access to natural light that streams into our open office workspace.


We opted for an open floor plan with desks that ensure comfortable working space for every employee, giving a minimalist, industrial feel with the cement floors, high ceilings, and exposed bricks. One of the best things about our new space is that it enables the entire team to sit down together for lunch, something that wasn’t possible in our previous office.


While our old office served us well, we couldn’t be more excited about our new space. We see this new location as the start of another chapter in our history. We’re still working on getting settled in and adding artwork to the walls, but we’re looking forward to tackling upcoming challenges with full strength and from a different (window) view.

This is a great opportunity to open some Champagne and raise a glass for all those who have contributed to the success of Sales.Rocks, since its launch in 2018 – including colleagues, customers, partners and friends.

Thanks for joining us on this tour!

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