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Save Search History with B2B Contact Filters

We are pleased to announce that our BULK module is progressing!

A Save Search Option was added to this module. This means that after clients finish with the filtering process, they can save their B2B contact search filters in case they want to reuse them later or if they want to compare results from similar searches.


The user can find this button next to the Start Search Button. Once you click on it, a pop-up window opens up where the client can add details for their search (e.g. name and description). They can also replace it with a previously created search, or mark it as a favorite search.

Moreover, all the Saved Searches will be available in a separate subsection under BULK, entitled My Searches.

After the client finishes the B2B contact database filters search, they can check the exact amount of credits they spent for each order under Bulk. This option is now available in the Activity Log section.

In order for the user to have an overview of the credits, and the orders made throughout the week, we added a Weekly Statistics Graph in the Home Board.

For those clients who need more info about how the platform works, and how to benefit from our solution, we developed a Platform News Section. With only one click on the Read more link, the user will be redirected to the Sales.Rocks’ blog articles related to the platform.

Finally, we connected the BULK module with the Cloud Search. This will help us have a faster database that can be regularly updated, and provide our users with faster counts and better results when it comes to B2B contact database search filters.

In the meantime, we are implementing parallel processing for all available scripts, and UX design for our newest Batch module.

Stay tuned!

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