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Searching for B2B Contacts by Industry Keywords has never been easier!

Reaching your targeted industry is now easier than ever with our Bulk module!

In the Industry filter, you have the option to search for B2B contacts by specific keywords in their industry name. With more than 500 hundred industry types available in our regularly updated database, you can perform a more targeted research on which industry and sub-industry can benefit from your solution.

With the new changes, when the user enters a specific keyword, the user will immediately be directed to the industry type consisting that word.


For example, if you want to place your product in the insurance marketplace, you can type ‘Brokers’ in the Keyword search. The SIC code for finance, insurance and real-estate will appear as the main industry from your search.

Next, from all the listed sub-industries below, choose the one that is the most relevant for you.

After your search for industry B2B contacts is completed, continue with the other filters to get a highly targeted list of full information contacts that are likely to purchase your product/service.

Good news for those who are ready to receive full access to our database, and want to start prospecting instantly – payments methods are improved as well!

After testing with different payment providers, we now accept subscriptions from:

  • Credit card (Stripe)
  • PayPal
  • GoCardless

Completing a payment for Sales.Rocks’ platform is (almost) as easy as clicking on a button.

As an alternative to PayPal, Stripe allows us to accept all major credit cards for payment processing. For those who are not using PayPal or a credit card, we recommend using the GoCardless option.

Last, but not least, we implemented continuous integration and delivery. All the changes that the team is working on during this sprint will be visible on the platform in no time.

Stay tuned for more!

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