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Platform News - Notification Bell

Improve User Experience with Push Notifications

Whatever you do, you should always stay informed.

This is why we included Push notifications in our Sales.Rocks platform. The ring bell in the upper right corner informs the Client about ready files, activated subscriptions, delegated credits, platform updates, etc.

We believe that good communication between the Client and the platform is essential. This is why the team worked on real-time notifications, so that we can be sure the Client is always informed for his actions, needs, requests.

At the same time, we will also use push notifications to reduce the number of emails that are sent to the client, preventing spam emails.

Moreover, in the Home section, we added info blocks so the Client can have a quick overview of the orders and searches made, and the credits spent.

Platform Info Blocks
Screenshot of the home section showing a quick preview of previous orders, searches and credits spent.

When working in the big data industry, it is all about security.

That is why we implemented the Amazon Cognito. It is a service by Amazon that provides authentication, authorization, and user management for web and mobile apps.

We implemented Cognito for the Sales.Rocks platform sign in, log out & registration process to provide better security for the client. This means we will require a mobile phone registration from every user (for their own security).

Afterward, if they want, Amazon Cognito allows users to disable the two-factor authentication directly from their profile (at their own responsibility).

In the meantime, we will continue improving our platform towards perfection.

Stay tuned!

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