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The Power of First Impressions | Platform news

It takes 8 seconds for a customer to decide whether they will be interested in your product or not.

In other words – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is also the case when a new platform is introduced on the market.

Design is often decisive for whether the product will be successful or not. Your customer will make swift decisions regarding your product within seconds, primarily based on platform registration layout, load time, color scheme, graphics, brand visuals, etc.

Having that in mind, our UX designer Angela created a friendly design of the whole registration process on the Sales.Rocks platform.

How we created an extraordinary platform registration process:

She combined our brand’s recognizable blue with a bright turquoise shade to develop a minimalistic, yet effective registration design. It favors product differentiation and clearly communicates platform’s function to the user.

Sneak peek of the first registration page on the sales & marketing enablement platform:

Sales.Rocks registration process
First page of the Sales.Rocks platform registration process

As the proverb says: First impressions are the most lasting when it comes to communication too.

Meet Rocket, our new chatbot on the platform. Our Customer Success Manager, Ana, created another ultra-modern chatbot (brother of Rocky). Rocket will be Client’s best friend and will provide direct support for the platform usage.

Feel free to test how smart he is, giving you prompt answers for everything you might need help for.

Sales.Rocks platform chatbot
An example of how Rocket provides direct support for the platform users.

At Sales.Rocks we believe that making a strong first impression, and having great communication, will help us develop solid customer relationships and influence customers’ decisions.

Stay tuned!

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